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You Kids and your Digital Thingamajiggies!

MARCH 5, 2007
What's next? Jet packs? Robot Maids?
Seems that the young people of today are less likely to go to the theatre and take in a moton picture- they're accustomed to a more 'on-demand' lifestlye as a result of downloadable content. Well, duh.

I put this little number together for friend and fellow Drawger Dave Bamundo at the Wall Street Journal. I'm still a poking around with the new 'no outline' style. Slowed me down a bit, but made me think and be a little more engaged, which is always welcome.

And while we're on the subject of movies, we went to see David Fincher's latest, "Zodiac" this weekend and I'm sorry to say I can't recommend it. Without getting too deep into it, I'l simply say it would benefit greatly from a "45 minute-ectomy'.
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