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JANUARY 16, 2007
I've got a big deadline breathing down my neck, so no time for any experimenting, sketching or painting - I've had my ass pretty firmly planted in front of the old computer for the past week or so.

Still, I know how you all eagerly check my blog every morning with the hopes that I'll impart some of my hard-earned wisdom, get-rich-quick schemes , or real-life tales of coming up in the 'hood, gangsta-style.

As I find myself in a bit of a crunch, that will all have to wait for later. What I offer you here is a few raves. They are as follows:

#I) Children Of Men - a motion picture that Mrs W and I saw this weekend. As realistic a piece of science fiction as I've ever seen; a believable dystopia, a plausible storyline and at it's core an amazingly  touching drama. Pitch perfect acting, jaw-dropping action. A 'must-see' and I would think MUCH better on the big screen.

#2) Walton Ford at the Brooklyn Museum - see it now; it's over at the end of the month.

#3) Scott Walker performing 'Jackie' on TV - a Jacques Brel song as performed by Scott Walker.
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