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A Brief Treatise On The Bomb Pop and It's Influence In Contemporary Illustration

DECEMBER 8, 2006
The Bomb Pop; A masterpiece of efficient and iconic culinary design; at once a refreshing and sweet summertime delight and visual reminder of US military might.
Seeing this now makes me want to punch myself in the face it sucks so mightily.
My artistic output has been bedeviled by these frozen treats for . years now. Though it pains me to do so, i reveal to you a piece I had published in the venerable Annual of American Illustration #16, published in the late Juraissic ( and, incidentally, the first and last time my artwork would ever be included between it's hallowed covers).
See what lengths I;'m willing to go for you, dear reader? So that you may see the evolution of the Bomb Pop and better grasp it's place in the annals of Illustration history?

You're Welcome.

Anyhow, here's one I did yesterday that was the catalyst for today's painting. And yeah, JD King- those antennas  in the main image above are indeed ripped-off directly and unapologetically from you.
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