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Dogue de Bordeaux Paintings

NOVEMBER 15, 2006
Okie will be one year ld on Monday the 20th- happy birthday, little pal!
While I know that some of those amongst us consider dogs the embodiment of evil and a suitable visual metaphor for man's inhumanity toward man, I love 'em. I mean, I LOVE the critters enough that I ( a devout athiest) consider them probably the only living proof of the existence of a divine being. Once I sw the face of God in a brick oven fired pizza, too. That's probably a story for another time.

So, as those of you who care enough to actually read my longwinded blather here already know, I've started pushing paint instead of pixels lately. We're still very much in the experimenting/relearning phase of this mission and are attempting to stay light on our feet and not get bogged down. Failures have been numerous, but slowly some interesting works are emerging from the pile.
I was contacted by the head of Australian Dogue de Bordeaux rescue to do a couple of pieces for a calendar, the proceeds of which will be funnelled back into the rescue efforts. These dogs remain fairly rare and it is a source of wonder to me that someone will go through what i had to go through in order to obtain one only to mistreat, neglect or simply throw it away. In fact, though, it happens enough to neccessitate rescue organizations to collect and rehome these magnificent creatures. I was happy to help ( and declare the paintings as a charitible donation to the Feds).

Here they are. I'm pleased with them, although they represent a stage in the process and not what I'd consider mature or confident works.
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