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The Beast Increases:The Mastiff Gains Mass

MARCH 20, 2006
Disclaimer- it would appear that I only own one shirt. This is untrue- it's just that my other one was in the wash that day.
In January Mrs Wacksman and I aquired a new family member- Okie, a Dogue De Bordeaux or Fench Mastiff. He's been with us a couple of weeks now and is finally getting in tune with the rhythm of our day-to-day. He's also growing like a weed, as is a puppy's wont. Have a look here at the before and after
Here's Okie with our (almost) ten year old Boxer, the Veal.
Since I met Junior, our Rottweiler who died this past November, I've been a 'big dog' afficianado. I started researching the large and giant breeds in a none-too-becoming full-on geek fashion and set my sights on one day owning either a Dogue De Bordeaux ( or DDB, as they're more efficiently known) or a Bullmastiff. Thanks to the kindness and understanding of my beautiful wife ( whom I'm certain would have preferred something along the lines of a pug or maybe another Boxer), the dream became reality.
Despite the glut of precision engineered chew toys, the plastic 2 liter bottle holds sway
Okie is currently around 43 lbs at 17 weeks old. He should probably grow to about 130 lbs. We have high hopes for this li'l fella - following Junior he's got some big shoes to fill. Luckily, he's got some enormous feet.
Brix of Charles River Dogue de Bordeaux seemingly has no misgivings about letting this man raise his son. Draw your own conclusions.
Here is a picture of Okie's sire- Brix de Legeane at 3 years old - he's the one on all fours. That's me with the 10 pounds of winter fat on my freakish, pale grinning mug.
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