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Hackin', Choppin and Photoshoppin'

MARCH 9, 2006
I have to admit that, despite my status as a tech guru to my immediate family,
I know very little about these newfangled computin' machines. I do what I do well
 (scan, streamline, illustrator) but the rest remains shrouded in mystery.
I've been getting restless with my usual technique. I've been attracted to more unfinished and raw work; been looking at a lot of illustration animation from the 50's and 60's that had a much looser, sketchy quality to it. My attempts to emulate this in Illustrator have been largely unsuccesful and I haven't really wnated to drag out the paints for years. It was time to finally wrestle with the elusive demon Photoshop.
My main goal was to get some tight sketches together and color them simply, but with a looser, more spontaneous look. The two drawings above are a fairly good indication of what I had in mind. Although a pretty rudimentary bit of p-shoppin', I'm pleased with the result and plan to continue as time allows.
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