Steve Wacksman
September 2009
Finally! A Reason To Leave The Warm Embrace of Your Overpriced Tiny Apartment!
I know how it is- you can't wait to get home, put on your XL "Alcatraz Swim Team" t-shirt and curl up on the futon with a pepperoni Hot Pocket and a glass or two of Yellowtail to take the edge off. Maybe watch a little "America's Funniest Home Videos" - laughter is the best medicine, especially when taken with a few glasses of cheap Shiraz.

But maybe this once you wanna mix it up a little, huh? Take in a little culture! Well, friends, have I got the perfect prescription:

The Gerald Marks Career Retrospective, sponsored by the School of Visual Art's MFA program in Computer Art.

The image above is one that Mr Marks and I worked on together back in the carefree early-mid-nineties. It is a small part of a ten panel 'bus map' tour of the newly-launched cable channel "Comedy Central", meant to entice cable providers to add it to their lineup. I drew it in b/w and Gerald worked his magic from there, separating the image into two channels and allowing for a breathtaking 3-D effect when viewed with the (supplied) 3-D glasses. I'm sure Comedy Central owes it's success in no small part to the seismic badassitude of this poster - I still consider it to be one of the most amazing projects that I've ever had the fortune to be part of.

I recall vividly touring Gerald's studio where he showed me his revolutionary "PullTime" Rolling Stones videos and a wonderful promotional piece illustrated by the great Jonathon Rosen. I hope that piece will be included as well.

These images taken from Mr Mark's personal website and used without permission. I figured he wouldn't mind. Don't you do the same- it's unethical.
Anyhow, I've chewed your ear long enough. Check out the info on the show here and learn more about Mr Marks and his amazing works here.  Assuming you, like me, are a fan of things that are mindbogglingly awesome, I think you'll really enjoy this show.

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