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Fate Favors The Fearless
If you are an Illustrator or a regular reader of this blog, you are undoubtedly aware of SooJin Buzelli and the high regard in which she's held by those of us in the picture-drawing industry. If, in fact, you can comfortably call it an 'industry'. Whatever- the point is that Mrs Buzelli is a joy to work with; she uses illustration to great effect and seems to place a great deal of trust in the artists that she hires. As a result the artwork showcased within the pages of the magazines she art directs is generally head and shoulders above that seen in similar titles.

SooJin recently hired me to illustrate and article entitled "Investors Not Afraid". Her brief went something like this: 'Investors are not afraid; bullish".

No, it's not a razor-toothed pig. As Dr Freud said, Sometimes sketches are just that: sketches.
I honed in on that simple phrase-'not afraid'. Soojin in her wisdom eschews traditional 'biz mag' images of men in suits, dollar signs, and computers; one is encouraged to interpret the article's focus and produce a novel image..

I thought the sketches that depicted sharks were the likely choices, but SooJin chose the bullrider with the caveat that I change his clothing to less resemble a prisoner. Fair enough; I really hadn't even considered why I drew the rider in striped PJ's in the first place, just one of those things that...happen, i guess.

I enjoyed making this image and think it suits the article, but I was still surprised that this solution was given preference to the shark concept which I thought quite clever. Surprised, that is, until I saw this.

Great minds think alike, but in this case the great mind of Shout thought of it long before I did.

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