Steve Wacksman
i started visiting Ye Olde Photoshoppe around 2 years ago. Maybe less- up until then I was strictly a vector guy. Photoshop scared the bejesus outta me- I fretted about file sizes and resolution and all manner of possible disaster. No pixels for me, thanks!

But the love affair with the sweet, simple vector was not to last. In a well-publicised parting of the ways, I became disenchanted with the artwork I was producing and the technique that I was employing to produce it. I spent a week in at a retreat in the Bahamas (It was a Sandals) ruminating on my options (and drinking Slippery Nipples). Once I returned to my Brooklyn-based art hut I faced my demons with vigor anew. Gone were the days of inking with a weasel-hair brush and navigating outdated vector conversion software. I stepped across the threshhold of Ye Olde Photoshoppe and never looked back.

Here are some images I did while refining my Photoshop technique. One of my goals wasd to have my finished artwork maintain some of the energy of my pencil sketches. P'shop has made this possible. I've given up the brush and ink for more immediate tools -ballpoint pens, ink pens, oftentimes pencil.

These images are all unpublished- homeless sketches from scraps of paper laying around on my desk that I chose to finish on the rare occasions that time allowed. I know I've drawn that Boombox Bunny before, and astronauts are a common theme around these parts as well. The blue/red color scheme in the astronaut piece is one that I've seen used in Japanese pulp magazines from the 1960's. I was completely determined to use it to good effect at some point and managed to use it recently on a job I did for McDonald's restaurants.

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