Steve Wacksman
Surreal Fantasy Fashion Illustrations. Really!
"Dark Waters":Hooded dress, leather corset and boots all from Lanvin
I can't say why, really, but I'va always wanted to do some editorial fashion illustrations. One might think this a sane pursuit until one considers that the field has been effectively dead since the middle eighties. Whatevs, sez I - it's my free time and I'll waste it as I see fit. Jousting and streaking, my other favorite useless and anachronistic pastimes, are getting hard on these old joints.

"The Captive Hand": Denim vest by Current/Elliott, shorts from Black Orchid. Kathryn Amberliegh shoes
It occured to me, as I began scratching away, that I might integrate my other love- Fantasy Art- into the mix and, by doing so, couple the virtually obsolete with a genre muchly scorned and ridiculed by 'serious' artists and art fanciers.

Despite their unusual pedigree, I felt they were quite successful. Many of my recent works disallow, for reasons of space or clarity, any real attention to detail or setting. It was a relief to be able to stretch as far as I wished and allow these stories to develop without those constraints.

"Victorious": Dress by Dries Van Noten, 'cage' boots from YSL, Marni necklace.
In hindsight, many of my favorite artists, influences and references are plainly visible to me here. The Provensens and Aurelius Battaglia, Walton Ford, Kiraz, Savage Pencil and Toshio Saeki all are owed a tip of my hat.

"The Caged Bird Sings": All clothing by Wunderkind.
I don't know if there will be more of these. A part of me hopes so. While I don't imagine these ever finding a home outside of these pages, I quite enjoyed doing them. I'd planned to do four pieces in the beginning- the fact that I crossed the finish line without losing interest is a testament to just how much.

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