Steve Wacksman
Highlights From The Sandusky Captains Of Industry Conference
" I applied the same principles: mechanically separate the meat from the bones, mince and bleach, season and press into patties..."
"My secret can be easily summed up using one simple word: Phytokinectoprophylenes."
"Shave and a haircut."
"I was managing a Fuddrucker's in Ashtabula before I joined the Karpet King family."
"...bringing the same focus and intensity I employ in Kino Mutai to the frozen yogurt business."
"My father was a lawman in Huron. He believed in the law; he lived by the law. He died in a singlewide in Ocala, Florida with no health insurance, a backed-up septic tank, and an unpaid house account at Quikker Liquors."
"Hell bent on volume."
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