Steve Wacksman
Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Snotty Jackass.
I was just up in the attic leafing through a dusty accordian file full of Letratone and I came across this long-forgotten clipping. And what hard-hitting journalistic powerhouse managed to pick the locks of this ascending young artist and convince him to share his deepest thoughts with an undeserving audience? I'm afraid that information is lost to the sands of time, although I want to say it was called Axis. Axcess? Axes? Anyhow, on the flipside of this page is an interview with a young and comely actress named Angelina Jolie. Obviously, inclusion in Axis/Axcess was a great springboard for the both of us and is likely the very reason we both enjoy the high life today. Angelina, it's been too long - you know my helipad is always open to you.

The artwork featured is a piece I did for Ziff Davis' "Computerlife" title. Saroyan Humphrey was the AD and the subject was Processors: PowerPC v Pentium. Ironically, the artwork was created via analog methods: Cel-Vinyl and ink on acetate with an airbrushed background.

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