Steve Wacksman
Face The Future
What will the future bring? According to some , the 'end of days' is nigh and all who have not 'gotten right with the lord' will be cast into a lake of fire to live out eternity in unspeakable agony. Others opine that  the polar ice caps will melt and our cities will be lost like the fabled Atlantis.

But according to the experts intervieved by Boating Magazine for their long-awaited 50th Anniversary Issue ( 50 years in the making!), the future holds for us, the aquatic sport enthusiasts of the world, submarines! These streamlined babies will come equipped with bubble domes, scuba and deployment bays, large windows, and a pair of personal subs. This high-tech cake will come iced in a variety of garishly bright color schemes- this is no miitary sub, bub!

This is my interpretation of the future-sub based on the above descriptors. This one fought me for a while- the sketch appeared almost like magic, but coloring the final was a frustrating exercise. It wasn't until I finished it that I realized that I had produced a 'yellow submarine' which left me aghast as I - wait for it - HATE the music of the Beatles. I know that makes me evil. That and the 22 inch long tail that I was born with.

Anyhow, here she is. I'm a bit claustrophobic, so I don't see the personal sub figuring too large in my future, the lake of fire.
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