Steve Wacksman
What We Dream About ( When We Dare To Dream)
I've been at work on a book project for. like, ever. And while I'm grateful for and appreciative of the work, there are tons of ideas that I haven't had time to drag outta my brainhole and into the physical world.

This is one that made it out. Roosters are fascinating animals. I admire their impressive plumage but am repulsed by their reptilian eyes and fleshy wattles and combs. Visually they're hard to resist.

I had little to no experience with these magnificent birds as a youth growing up in Ohio. It wasn't until the early nineties, when I was lucky enough to secure a crusty studio apartment in a crumbling tenement on Ave C that the rooster's pecularities were brought into focus. You see, unlike their depiction in movies and cartoons, roosters don't wait for the sun to creep over the horizon to crow. In fact, they crow incessantly. And it's not a jaunty 'Cock-A -Doodle-Doo', either, but a wet and throaty cross between a gargle and the hysterical shreik of a caffienated toddler on a transatlantic flight.

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