Steve Wacksman
On Portraits/Likenesses
Elliot S! Maggin, at least according to me. Kinda a reversion stylistically, too- I used to dig anime a ton in the early 90's.
I did this piece last week depicting Elliot S! Maggin. the writer of Superman comics for some 15 years or so. I had one recent pic from which to work, and the guy really had no defining trait. He was of average looks and build. Grey hair worn in an indistinct style. It was a real challenge for me to nail his likeness. Not sure I really did, in fact, but how many of you out there know what Elliot S! Maggin really looks like anyhow?
Likenesses and portraits have never made up a huge portion of my assignments and,while I don't mind doing 'em, it doesn't really come naturally.
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