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I was browsing Ye Olde External Harde Drive for a piece to add to the current show " Your Worst Illustration." Believe me, I had quite a few candidates and it was a humbling experience. The fact that I have anything resembling a career is a testament to the power of human forgiveness. Looking over the left-handed scrawlings that I've infected the pages of America's periodicals with forces me to wonder when the angry throng of torch-and-pitchfork -bearing AD's and designers will arrive at my door demanding my head.
Anyhow, one pleasant surprise unearthed were these li'l charactures I did for the late lamented "Maximum Golf" magazine, Pino Impastato AD. I've always considered likenesses to be one of my lesser powers, but these I kinda like. They're probably somewhere around 5 years old now, so there's some things that look a little dated about them to me, but I believe they're effective in their simplicity.
Pino, like so many of my past clients, went on to work at a rag that hasn't used an illustration ever. Twas fun while it lasted- cheers, Pino!
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