Steve Wacksman
The Dreams Keep Me Awake
A recent triptych entitled "Scared, Scarred, Sacred".
People often ask me about my 'personal work'- do I paint or do any 'fine art' work? I bristle at the notion that what I do professionally is perceived as anything less than 'personal work', No matter what the content, it always reflects my sensibilities and mine alone, and is the distillation of all my numerous influences. I have always been an illustrator, even well before I was paid to be. With very few exceptions my influences have their roots in some facet of commercial art.

That said, I do have books and books of sketches that were done for no particular purpose other than my own amusement. Looking over them recently I saw a scrawling in the margin of one page of a cartoonish weeping heart. For whatever reason it stuck with me and invaded several of my recent sketches as well.

I've had this title and a vague idea attached to it kicking around for a while. I finally grabbed a few hours to put it together.
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