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Here's a little something I whipped up for Boston Magazine's John McCauley. John's an Illustrator's dream- always calls with over a week until deadline and is as easygoing as can be. If he offers any criticism it's ALWAYS constructive; oftentimes I feel like AD's just want to put their 'stamp' on something and feel like if they don't suggest some ultimately insignificant change to the sketch then they haven't earned their paycheck. Actually, now that I've said it, I guess that trend has been waning recently, at least in my experience. Anyhow, hats off to John - it's always a pleasure.

This one's about folks that hire tutors to come to their Summer houses  over vacation. I rarely work in a perfect square; I usually like to do a sillo or something. This time I wanted to keep it square- just trying to go against instinct. Also trying to place a little more emphasis on environment - the majority of my efforts are generally spent on character design and the composition and backgrounds usually suffer as a result. Before starting this one I sat and thought about concept and thought I'd take a stab at doing something more 'high concept'. But as I doodled away I though to myself "Self, is this the right direction to do in? Hmmmm? Are you listening to me, self, or are you thinking about America's Next Top Model?It's a tight race, isn't it?". Anyhow, the upshot was that I felt that this wasn't a prime opportunity for a high-concept solution. Maybe a larger or a smaller piece ( I like a hi-concept icon - kind of a highbrow sight-gag ), but this was a quarter page piece. So here she is.
Maybe not a gold medal winner, but making some progress where progress needs to be made.
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