Steve Wacksman
Hell On Wheels
Look- I drew puke!
Over the past few weeks I've been preoccupied with a major home renovation. I'll dwell on that no longer- I recognize it's limited appeal as a topic on an illustration blog. Illustration work has been typically slow as it's August and anyone with the ability to do so is likely lounging more and working less. A fine plan, methinks.

I did climb down off the scaffold to pound out a couple of drawings, though. One job was this cover story for the Seattle Weekly (AD Chris "Cuddles" MacManus).
An attempt to scramble in through the driver's window!
Evidently the Seattle public bus system is a rolling lunatic asylum, stuffed to capacity with every manner of miscreant and misanthrope. By the accounts listed in the article, an entire army of Travis Bickles might be Seattle's best defense.
An indescribable stench is a fairly common occurrence; this episode compelled the driver to operate with his head hanging out the window!
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