Steve Wacksman
What I Did On My Summer Vacation: A Tale Of Mirth And Woe
Looks like it's gonna take a few coats of primer to get those bricks painted white
Summer's finally here; time for fishing in cool streams, lazy games of croquet, and ingesting countless pounds of gypsum dust and untold filth dating back to the era of the horseless carriage.

I'm pleased to report that phase one of this three-stage project is largely complete. There's miles to go before the job is wrapped, but the main components are in place. WIth the help of my brother-in-law (whose skill-sets seem to stretch to the horizon and beyond) I removed the worthless unused stovepipe from my chimney, sealed the cavity, and repaired all the loose brick and mortar. The party wall was built out and  was filled with insulation in an attempt to deaden sound transfer ( my neighbors evidently don't share my taste in music)  All sheetrock is hung and taped, electrical in place. It's looking pretty good if I do say so myself. Can't wait to get back to my desk- working at the kitchen table is a fairly joyless arrangement.
The half-bath/closet awaiting casings and doors.
This ceiling fan worked when we moved in. Well, occasionally.
Alas, there's no sigh of relief forthcoming. Yesterday marked the beginning of phase two: the back bedroom. This will be our son's lair and in it's present state is a woefully unsuitable location. The ceiling was sagging and peeling; the back wall housed two leaky and disagreeable aluminum windows. To cap it off, there is one 15-amp outlet and NO INSULATION in the back wall.

This will not do.
Like I said- no insulation of any sort.
A common sight around these parts lately
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