Steve Wacksman
Trans-fats make for good ideas!
I've never claimed to be a financial wizard. I can add and subtract, multiply single digit numbers, and calculate a 20% tip. That's gotten me this far.
Recently I got a gig from a financial mag. The AD gave me a pithy account of the article's content and suggested an image that she'd like to see sketched out. She also requested that I sketch out 3 or 4 ideas of my own.
I read the article and, for what I believe is the first time in my professional life, could make ABSOLUTELY no sense of the content. I  thought  about the AD' s suggestion for an image and couldn't  for the life of me understand excatly how it fit in with the article. A thin layer of perspiration settled on my brow. My knees went weak and rubbery. I ate an entire bag of Doritos.
Then I started highlighting key phrases. One of them was 'recapture' - I used that as my springboard and came up with several images of 'assets' being 'recaptured'.

This is the one that was chosen. I owe it all to the Doritos.
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