Steve Wacksman
All Hail Kroninger, A Beacon Of Unparalleled Generosity!
What a bounty! What a fella!
Guess what I got in the mail today, people? A handbill from the Clash's legendary 1981 Bond's Casino shows and a veritable fistful of Clash rarities recorded on the convenient Compact Disc format.

What did I do to deserve this bounty? Absolutely nothing, really. It's just that Stephen Kroninger and I had a brief discussion ( in the secret clubhouse - shhh...)regarding my regret at having missed those shows- a landmark in both NYC and Rock'N'Roll history. And Kroninger being a man of staggering munificence responds with the above pictured bounty.

As I am in the process of updating my mailing list, an onerous task in the best of circumstances, the tunes couldn't have come at a better time.

Thanks again, Stephen - you're a mensch! The rest of you could learn a thing or two from this guy - hint, hint...
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