Steve Wacksman
While On The Subject Of Balls...
Um, Angus? Are you blushing?
Since I've fired up the old "Wayback Machine', let's take a moment to ponder this ill-advised sketch for the cover of AC/DC's "Ballbreaker" album.

The year was 1995; I was reveling in my 'young gun' status and the jobs were flooding in at a furious rate. The climate was such that, when I was offered an AC/DC album cover my attitude was "Let's go off the rails and see what these so-called rockers are REALLY made of".
Alas, I learned the hard way that no matter what the lads of AC/DC were really made of, the marketing department at Elektra Records was made of a desire to sell records. And they, bless their avaricious little souls, didn't think this image was the best means to that particular end.

So, OK- maybe it's a tad offensive ( even for an album entitled "Ballbreaker). Still, I see a degree of artistic glee here that reminds me of those exciting ( and staggeringly lucrative) times.
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