Steve Wacksman
AA Bondy
A tribute to Scott Bondy ( ex Verbena) and his new album 'American Hearts.'
Verbena was a favorite band of mine, a Stones-y outfit with punk roots and Southern swagger. Unfortunately, myopic critics dismissed them as Nirvana clones and, after 3 albums and an EP,they disbanded without much fanfare.
A bit of digging revealed that Scott Bondy, Verbena's singer and guitarist, has resurfaced as AA Bondy and has a new album of acoustic songs.

I only wish I could tell you more. An e-mail to his publicist went unanswered, his record label hasn't updated their website, and tour dates are only available via his label's MySpace page.

To hear the music that inspired this piece, go to AA Bondy's Myspace page. He'll be playing at Brooklyn's Southpaw on March 17.
Maybe I should be getting his publicist's paycheck!

UPDATE: I just received this response from his label, Superphonic records:

We're still not exactly sure when AA's record will be released but it will probably be early June.
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