Steve Wacksman
And I'm Off
Buy the YYY's new album "Show Your Bones" today. You'll like it. Maybe.
As of the very minute I stop typing this post, I'm on vacation. Which is well-needed, I might add, as I have a rather advanced case of what medical professionals have termed the "Mid-Winter Blues".
I might also add that this morning while I was walking my dogs,  a small Japanese sedan full of misanthropic teens slowed down to a crawl in order for the passenger in the front seat to roll down his windows and shout a string of unintelligble epithets at me. Why they felt it neccessary to bring midmorning traffic to a halt to assail a stranger is beyond me, but I guess boys will be boys. I could easily shrug it off had he not followed up by flinging a Popeye's takeout cup full of ice and the remnants of an orange soda at me.

Fortunately, they missed by a country mile, but really - it gets one thinking, and the thought that occured to me was-

Who the holy hell is eating fried chicken at 8AM?

Anyhow, here's a portrait of Grammy Nominated New York No-Wave trio the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

And with that, I bid you adieu. I'm on vacation.

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