Steve Wacksman
Rising To The Challenge
The holidays. A busy time of year, we must all agree. Last minute shopping, social engagements, travel, violent sacrificial rituals, overeating, binge drinking and uncontrollable mood swings- why, it's a wonder we get any work done at all!

I have a full dance card lately; a big job that I'm trying to get under control before I head North for the holidays.

But J.D. King posed a challenge to me and I'm not one to back down from a challenge. Unless there's some risk of bodily injury or financial loss. Then you can pretty much forget it- my Mama didn't raise no fool.

Anyhow, JD posed the following challenge: produce a portrait and post it without any indication of who it's meant to represent.

I thought about doing either Hitler, WC Fields, Woody Allen or Groucho Marx. But  in the end I decided on this fella.

So, JD ( and whomever else chooses to play) go ahead- make your guesses. There is no prize for the winner, but wrong answers will be penalized with a tax audit and a 'frog punch'. So guess carefully.
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