Steve Wacksman
The Pleasure Was All Mine
I never, NEVER button my shirts all the way up like this. Never!
Last night's festivities were fun. Fifty bucks a head fun? I dunno, but fun. And what's with the lychee martinis? Maybe I have a warped self image, but I don't think of myself as the lind of man that, when ordering a martini, gives off a 'lychees instead of olives' vibe.

Was great to see and or meet you: eRod, Goldin ( David,  one day I'll introduce you to my wife- I think you'd really hit it off), Leo E, Ad McMuffin and Wig, Tim O'B and Marc B.

Also big ups to my college chum and roomate George Bates, recently married.

Book looks pretty good this year ( although with what I would term a 'tragic' lack of Wacksman, the sonsofbitches). Mark Matcho, errant drawgerite and man of mystery, had a nice piece displayed despite his claim that he 'didn't get anything in again this year'.

Stopped in to see DaveB at the Local around the corner, too. Go Rutgers!

Did anyone go to the after-party? I'd had enough art-geeking by midninght and threw in the towel. I guess it was the Lychee martinis.
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