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Did this one last week for the Boston Globe. I spent the majority of my time working on character design ,which tends to be  my favorite part of any job. This one, I'm afraid, suffered for it somewhat; I'm not thrilled with the dynamic of the 'lead character' in the crowd.

It was done piecemeal and the 'lead' figure was concieved in a seperate sketch. I had to rework it extensively to fit the dimensions of the cover and allow for type. In trhe end time got tight and there wasn't enough time left over for a bunch of fidgeting. And man, can I fidget when time allows.

Another issue that came into play was the fact that I finished this piece in Photoshop, a method that, while gaining chops, I'm still not entirely proficient with yet. I had a plan to attempt to add depth to the image using a splatter-y airbrush technique, but multiple passes at it were unsatisfactory and I finally gave up the fight.

Anyhow, the article is about how sometimes it's best to look past the resume and hire someone with a sparkling personality- you can train him to have the skills, but you can't train a guy not to be a complete dick.
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