Steve Wacksman
Good Times ( Whatever Happend To The...)
Yeah. it's clip art!
A few days ago some pals and I were sitting around talking about the good old days. Now, at the tender age of 37, I believe the good old days should be yet to come. But I have to admit to getting a bit maudlin when I started recounting my early experiences in this racket
(might heve been the Blueberry Gin Fizzes talking). I mean, what is this world coming to when a teacher or firefighter out-earns an illustrator? No good, that's what!
These fellas were asking me why my once thriving business now lay motionless  by the side of the interstate drawing wet, shallow, labored breaths and gazing upward with seemingly uncomprehending eyes...
I placed the blame on everyone and everything I could think of , but the major culprits were: Stock Photography ( and to a lesser degree, stock illos), Shrinking Budgets, Zydeco Music, A surplus of Illustrators since the advent of digital art and hi-speed connections, and 'puggles', a new hybrid of pug and beagle that are all the rage these days.
Is there anyone I left out? I tell ya, as hard as i try i just can't recapture the magic.
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