Steve Wacksman
Modem Romance

Ah technology, wonder of wonders. Thanks to you, pining for your distant love by ripping at your bodice and staining handwritten letters with your bitter and salty tears is, like, totally passe! I'm talking about Skype, texts, email. These are the means by which distance between lovers is shortened in our modern age!
Our forefathers, when faced with to prospect of separation from their beloved mates, would drink themselves to sleep with Lefty Frizell on the hi-fi and their faithful dogs within scratching distance. But not us! As long as we are armed with our modem-bearing devices we are free to have, face to virtual face, the all-important "How was your day? Fine and how was your day?"conversation that is the cornerstone of all interpersonal communication.
This one for the almighty Greg Klee at the Boston Globe. Ten-plus years and our relationship is still going strong, despite the fact that we've never met face to face.
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