Steve Wacksman
Another Resident On The Isle Of Unwanted Artworks
Sometimes- often, in fact - I'll have an idea that seems like a winner and I'll dash off to the art factory, fire up the furnaces and set to bringing the idea to life. It's not uncommon for me to step back from my creation around 3/4 of the way from completion, wipe the sweat from my brow and truly see for the fist time what my efforts have wrought. This is a crucial stage in the creative process, and more often than not the moment that I find that I have been toiling over something without any real merit or meaning. Thus deflated, I abandon the idea and banish it to the Isle Of Unwanted Artworks. Here is one such work. You may ascribe whatever meaning to this image as you wish, but in truth it remains a depiction of an ogre on a shopping trip with a young woman. Why such an image needs to exist remains a mystery even to it's author.
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