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Thirteen Wise Sayings

FEBRUARY 6, 2013
Ever since the days of Poor Richard, one of the traditional functions of an almanac has been to dispense cracker-barrel wisdom with or without crackers. 
In that regard, I admit that Poor Bradford's has been negligent in providing that most basic of almanac services. You don't even get the weather predictions here. 
But all that’s about to change. Now that we’ve survived the Mayan apocalypse, I think it's safe to start off the new non-Mayan millennium with words of wisdom.
The first annual installment of Poor Bradford's Wise Sayings.
Not to be confused with poor sayings by an annual wise-guy.
A collection of inspirational messages with drawings that match the author's handwriting.
Thirteen lucky words of wisdom for the lucky year 2013.
Actually, there are 14  – just to be on the safe side. 
In Poor Richard’s Almanack, Benjamin Franklin always counseled thrift and courtesy, industry and frugality. (Which always led me to wonder why Poor Richard was poor.)
And while I admit that my own sayings are not exactly "early to bed, early to rise" material, they've got wise drawings to go with them.
Good artwork is something the Thirteen Colonies never got from Benjamin Franklin.
Except for "Join or Die." When he coined that slogan, he did the excellent drawing of the chopped-up snake to go with it. But then the colonists made a flag out of it and look at the situation that led to.
These posters were first published some months ago in the French publication Nine Weeks. Thank you Nine Weeks.
For more of Poor Bradford's Wise Sayings, you can go to the website Brainy Quote, although they appear to be too brainy there to use drawings with the quotations. 
And in my opinion, words are better with pictures. (In fact, that sounds like a good quote to start off next year's installment of Poor Bradford's Wise Sayings.)


Text and drawings © Brad Holland/ No reproduction without permission