Jody Hewgill
Mourning Cloak

I am honoured to have two of my paintings selected for the uncommissioned category, the gala opening January 6 (tonight) at The Society of Illustrators (along with sequential and moving image categories). The exhibit is up until Jan 21st.

One of the two pieces included, "Mourning Cloak" was created this summer while working up at the cottage. The painting is based on the ephemeral nature of life.

The piece turned out differently than what I had initially intended. As opposed to illustration work , where I labour over  carefully crafted compositions in the sketch phase,  I started this piece with a very brief sketch and let the painting lead me.

My inspirations were from some of the flowers I had planted and the moths on the back porch.

The back door at our cottage is a moth magnet.

The largest was approx 6" in wing span ( the size of a small bird ), it was dark and sort of looked like a bat, and it held dominance over those back steps. It totally freaked me out.
All the photos here are courtesy of Balvis Rubess ( hey, I wasn't going to be closer than 5 feet from that huge one )
The moth in this painting is called "Mourning Cloak".
Eeek, you can see the eyes! (photo: Balvis Rubess)

Photo: Balvis Rubess

this one's on the front door screen. (photo: Balvis Rubess)

I also believe in the "reuse, revisit, revise"  rule. I have noticed a thorny theme in my recent work, unfortunately, I can't offer a good explanation, and thorns aren't an issue at the cottage.
For the book cover "Tender Morsels" by Margo Lanagan, Knopf publishers

"Floria" commissioned for the Kokeshi show at the Japanese American National Museum in LA, curated by Christina Conway.

Poster for "The Rainmaker" for Arena Stage.

A big thanks to the Society of Illustrators, the chair Yuko Shimizu, and the 54th annual exhibition jury !

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