Jody Hewgill
Scrooge vs Aliens

Scrooge vs Aliens : a Christmas Carol Mash-up written by Ben Winters (author of two mash-up novels) for the cover and inside full page of USA Weekend magazine.

I preferred the rough above, metaphorically it represents the two writing genre's face to face ( the mash-up of science fiction with the Dickens classic ), but it also depicts Scrooge as a real tough grumpy old man even when face to face with with this alien. Design director Leon Lawrence III preferred that we just show a hint of the alien on the cover. I tried to keep it very simple to allow room for type.

I thought it would be a good segway if the inside illustration depicted the scene in this story where the carollers protect Scrooge by creating a circle around him. They continue singing even as some are eaten whole by the alien.
 The story ends with Scrooge shooting the alien.
This also would have been fun to illustrate.
 It's not often that I get to illustrate an alien, so thanks to Leon for this fun assignment.

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