Jody Hewgill
Poop, Illustrated !
It's a good day when I get to paint poop. It's an excellent day when you're working with an art director who can persuade the editor and publisher to print it.

 Typically my assignments consist of portraits, theatre posters and editorial topics with a more serious or emotional tone, but every now and then I get to do a humorous piece.
I was thrilled when Tim J Luddy of Mother Jones magazine asked me to illustrate this article and to apply the humorous tone that he had seen in some of my  pieces. I also really appreciate when an art director allows me the freedom to stretch myself artistically.
I think it's is far more difficult to execute humor than anything else. There are several illustrators here on Drawger who have mastered this very well.
" Loaded Gun : Cover your Assets "  is an article about the executive protection business in LA. There isn't a reference to dog doody duties in the article, but it does examine some of the absurdly tedious and mundane circumstances for which ceo's are using bodyguards. I chose to tap into a Charlie's Angels psyche and simplify the details of the bodyguards to contrast against the cherub-faced effete little ceo.

Fat Cat Ceo

Big Baby wants to go shopping.

In my last blog I wrote : draw what you know. Now that we have Betty, the 66 lb golden-doodle, I have probably picked up more than her weight in dog poop, although I prefer to use a bag !

This is my first illustration for Mother Jones.
Thank you Tim for this really fun assignment and thank you MoJo for printing it !

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