Greg Clarke
May 2010
Summer Reading Guide

The new issue of The Christian Science Monitor, out this week, includes a summer reading guide. These are a few of the images from several created for the piece. I always enjoy drawing characters immersed in a good book. No figures with iPads, Kindles, or Nooks were requested. John Kehe was the AD (and a pleasure to work for).

Epicuriosities at Surtex
Apropos of Matt's previous post, I too will have some things at the Surtex show starting this Sunday in NYC. My licensing agent, Paper Road , will be featuring some of my work at booth #639 (as well as that of some other talented artists).   Among other things, I've created a series of panel images with captions that reflect my abiding interest in all things culinary. Here's a sampling from that line:

GRSF Tree Show
"Mid-Morning Ramble" Acrylic on Wood
This is my contribution to the "Tree Show," a group exhibition opening this month at Giant Robot in San Francisco (gallery details below). I don't do much acrylic painting in my commercial work--unless I get a specific request for it (which is seldom).
I've finally dusted off the invitation sent to me ages ago (thanks Edel!)--it's an honor to be here...
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