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Moving Forward, Looking Back

MAY 15, 2006
Sister, Jude-Me-Mom-Brother, Dave

1. I am busy as a bovine trying to get a batch of assignments done before next Tuesday. That's why you haven't seen much new stuff on my blog. Also why I've not responded to other Drawger's blogging. And won't be here much until around May 30th.

2. Maggie & I leave for Chicago on Tuesday, May 23rd for the National Cartoonists Society's big Reuben Weekend which happens Friday, May 26, Saturday, May 27 & Sunday, May 28. At 3:30 PM on Friday, I'll be giving a PowerPoint talk about, big surprise, Elwood H. Smith. I'm calling it "Moving Forward, Looking Back" and it's an overview of my life. I'm doing it in real time which will take 65 years. Sandwiches and soda pop will be available. I also will get to hang out with Ralph Steadman and Everett Peck, which is why I said I'd do it. Is that cool or what?

3. I'll spend my birthday flying to the Windy City, where I went to art school and lived for many years. This is a big year, the year I become a genuine Senior Citizen. So weird. Maggie just handed me my Medicare card. I guess I should ask Randy about canes and walkers & such. So weird.
Opening Slide for my PowerPoint
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