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I Love Beer!

JULY 28, 2007

A few thoughts and a couple of photos of and about beer.

I'd be really trim if I didn't drink one or two glasses (sometimes pints) of beer most every night. I love the taste of really fine beer and I love the buzz. It softens the often hard edge of life. So does intense exercise and meditation, they tell me, but gimme a fine ale. When I was a little kid, my brother Dave and I would beg our parents for some of their beer. If they said okay (and I don't recall them ever not saying okay), we'd high-tail it for the cabinet and race back with a shot glass.  Nectar for the babes.
Corsendonk Abbey Brown Ale is a Trappist-Style Belgian ale.

This beer has a dark color and amber head.  I find it as full-bodied as a British stout, but with that lighter Belgian fizz. I normally favor the stouts and porters, so it took me a while to get my taste buds around the unique Belgian flavor, but I'm glad I kept at it. This ale is great in the winter, but damned fine even on the hottest summer day. Much more versatile than a regular stout or porter. As the experts note, it has hints of chocolate with a fig "nose". Do I sense a Lou Brooks joke wandering into this article? Corsendonk Abbey Brown Ale is smooth with a slightly sweet taste. I've gotten it in regular-sized bottles but mostly you'll find it in the large, champagne bottle size. 7.5 alcohol. 

 Highly recommended
Crowds Panic As Flood Threatens Ireland

I love this photo and caption. I have no idea where I found it, since it has been loitering in my Beer Humor collection for a long time, but it sums up perfectly the attitude of those who love their brew.
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