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Green Monkeys Are NOT Lazy!

APRIL 3, 2006
Popcorn box design by Maggie Pickard
Green Monkeys are busy. Very busy. The activity is sometimes work and sometimes it's avoiding work. They believe it's a critical aspect to the creative process. And so it is.

Monkeys sit at the drawing table completely flummoxed by the article they are about to illustrate. They are suddenly seized by a need to pee. Real bad. They do so. They step iinto the hallway and peer into the studio. The drawing pad is still blank. Hunger overtakes Monkey and he heads down to the ktchen for salza and chips. Maybe a little slice of cheese. The dog shares some chips and asks to go out for a pee.

Damn, Monkey forgot to feed the squirrels! Dog back inside (she eats the squirrel's peanuts) and back out into the Spring air to "feed the squirrels".

Done. Now the Monkey is making a cup of tea. Does Monkey do situps while the water boils? No, he reads his horoscope in the Penny Saver. And changes the dog's water.

Tea is made and Monkey is sitting before blank paper. The tea is good. The mind is sluggish. Maybe a short nap is in order. Yes, that's it! The New York Times article did say something about the necessity of naps. What was it? Reduced the incidence of heart attacks or something. Old Monkey won't be of any use to the magazine if he dies of a massive coronary.

And so it goes. A Monkey Day is a busy day.

I'll write more of the Monkey's life later. I gotta pee.

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