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Death at the Circus (6)
A Recent Drawing From My Series, "Death at the Circus" (Cropped)

Here's a closeup on one of the sections. As I've written before, I'm delighted to return to a simple graphite pencil for my finished pieces after so many years of finalizing my work in pen and ink.

Death at the Circus (5)
The Entire Drawing

Death at the Circus (4)
Top Section of Yesterday's Drawing

Closeup of 2 Birds

The Entire Drawing
Death at the Circus (3)

Detail from a new Death at the Circus drawing. (Top half of page.)
Closeup of Umbrella Clown & Monkey. Graphite pencils were tools I used throughout my entire career to create preliminary sketches. They paved the path to the final art, always rendered in India ink. Now, I am using those simple, smeary tools to create the final art. When I began these pieces, I had no idea that my trusty sidekick, a simple No.2 Dixon Ticonderoga pencil, would become a treasure.

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