David Goldin
June 2007
The Whistling Yoo-Hoo
The Whistling Yoo-Hoo
I heard a tune and it stuck in my head. Reminds me of a Charlie Parker piece but I can't say which one.
I've tried, I've searched, but can't find who it was or the name of the tune... All I can do is whistle it.
American Illustration
This is the 20th time my work has been accepted into the book.
Junk-O-Saurus is from an ongoing Children's book project that might one day get published. And my Eightball dude that I created for drawger while hanging out one night. It used to be the American Illustration parties were the time we'd all get a few moments together. Now it's all the time on drawger.
Eightball dude
Tattoos, Tequila, and Edel
The flames were not my idea.
       I'm not known for creating likenesses, but I'm always up for a challenge. Months ago I posted an attempt using our Mr. Waxman as a model. After that I decided to take on a more difficult one... Edel Rodriguez. At first I tried Oils and it turned into a muddy mess. Then I tried pastels... I'm a lefty and smeared the whole thing all over my sleeve. I tried airbrush, sculpture, and even an interpretive dance. While they did represent Edel, non of them really captured the fire in his eyes and rage of passion in his soul. Then in a fit of inspiration I used my good old ink pen and voila!   I did it... or at least at the time I thought I did. I was so pleased I decided to get out a bottle of Dom Pérignon Champagne. That's when the trouble began... we were out of Champagne, the only thing I found was a bottle of Tequila.  Anyway... all I remember is... well nothing. But apparently I was so pleased with the likeness I went to Pat's Tats and had it tattooed on my arm. Now I love Edel but... not on my arm. Anyone know of a tattoo laser removal place they can recommend?
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