David Goldin
Big Head
First Prototype
  The prototype had a cat head. It was decided, it wasn't the best idea. Mr. Goldin can you design something?
 I had to work with certain limitations. The head was bulbous shaped to fit the mechanism that held a retractable cord.
The head could be pulled off and still attached to the body, thrown. The dog would then retrieve it and when biting into the head - press a button bringing the body and head back together with great speed.
Roughs strewn
I got sketching. Drawing creatures that resembled past girlfriends.
I cleaned up the sketches and gave them back stories to build their personalities.
With utmost respect, a nod to Salvador Dali.
The approved designs were sent to China.
We work hard, but who's complaining?
 A Big Head factory was built and also a small city to house the workers.
Maybe next time.
When the first products came off the assembly line the board of directors held a ceremony to celebrate the auspicious occasion.
Unfortunately I was unable to attend, I had a spot illustration that was due that day.
The family
I was sent some blurry photos of the first NEW prototypes.
Look'n good girlfriend!
It's fun to see the drawings transformed into 3 dimensional toys.
Promo for finished toy.
Only samples are available at the moment. One day my set will arrive and I'll send one to Waxman's dog.

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