David Goldin
X-MAS and Melvin
The Woodsman
We're lucky... every year at Christmas we have Melvin the Elf to look after us. First I chop down the usual scrawny, stunted, half bald, Evergreen tree, growing in a light deprived and rocky place in the woods...
Oi Vey, now what do we do? Tinsel?
 ...and we decorate it.
Mmmmm, gingerbread...
Then it's time to bake the cookies...
A well endowed Gingerbread Man.
...and I help.
They can hardly wait.
Just before bed we leave milk, cookies and notes for Melvin and Santa. When everyone is asleep I go out to the studio to goof around.
I'm pushing in the back and Melvin took the photo.
Sometime around mid-night I heard such a clatter and ran outside to see what was the matter. Between the studio and our house I discover Melvin and Santa stuck in the ice. I had to give them a push and then headed back to the house.
Oh, Boy!
I found the milk and cookies had been eaten and there were presents under the tree.
There was also a ribbon going up our chimmney.
But wait!... there was one gift in the back of the fireplace. It was from Melvin.
I wonder what it is?
 I could tell because he wraps gifts in local newspapers. It was for the kids.
It's still a great read.
Morning came and...
Oh, look!    It's my favorite book from 3rd grade. That Melvin, he's the greatest.

Merry Christmas drawgers!   Merry Christmas everybody!

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