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Schnowzy Kerplopnik

SEPTEMBER 14, 2007
Schnowzy Kerplopnik clad in SpeedoŽ
I was in Rhode Island at a beach, body surfing. The waves were really rolling in and the surf was pounding the shore. It was almost dangerous, which is what made it fun.I spotted a huge wave and didn't have any trouble catching it. Soon I was surrounded by water coursing over me, moving me, tossing me, out of control. I lost sense of which way was up or down. My head bumped the sandy bottom. Then before I knew it there was another body next to me. We were both at the mercy of the wave as our bodies became entangled, moving as one. Like an aquatic Lambada, the forbidden dance. That cruel wave left us rolling in the foam on the wet sand like a Borat version of "From Here to Eternity". And that's how I met Schnowzy Kerplopnik.