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Stoned in Woodstock

MAY 12, 2007
Goldin Rocks!
On Little Rocky mountain as soon as the weather gets nice it's time to go outside. The land here is rocky, glacier strewn boulders all around and two stones for every dirt. I hike the woods collecting rocks. I drive around and collect rocks. I've even found big pieces of stone sidewalk in Brooklyn and dragged them back here where they were originally quarried. I stack them, build patios, stairs, walls... and more...  There's nothing like lifting a big rock only to discover a snake coiled and bothered. After building with stone-any voids will soon be homes to small animals. Oh what fun!
blue stone
Break neck stairs
Steps to the studio-notice the homemade giant Dungeons and Dragons die?
Another break neck stairway.
Details and accents
Celeste inspects my work
She laughs that I used a round stone in a wall
Shark fin sundial
Our rooster Maniac mocks me and struts around with his chicks while I toil