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Little Baby Gumba

APRIL 6, 2007
First Edition 'Little Baby Gumba'
This is my first child, and now he's over twenty years old. Published in 1985 this little fellow made his first appearance as Baby Gumba. Before that he was "The Poison Baby" and died in the first comic. 'Kills a Rat' is the same premise as all the stories he's in, boiled down to the basic element... Gumba always gets the rat. This was a very limited edition and was not sold in stores. They were given to fans and left at ATMs and left behind in diners and cafes and bars. After a few more books he would go on to be published in BLAB. I work on these things and they get lost on my desk and I find them years later. I just found the Bible I made for a Baby Gumba TV pilot.