David Goldin
Baby Dee
Baby Dee ( looks like Staake )
French illustrator Philipe Petit-Roulet was in NYC for a visit some years ago and having visited him in Paris, I wanted to show him some fun in our great city. One night we went to the Ear Inn on Spring St. We sat between a table of bikers and a table of Fashionistas. Winona Ryder was a few tables away. He and his girlfriend ate their cheese burgers with a knife and fork, dear lord.
The next night we were at a sidewalk cafe and who should spot me but Baby Dee. Y'know that look that crazy people get when they make eye contact? Well he/she spots me, the twinkle in the eye, a slight smile forms, then rides up to our table with head bobbleing on his giant tricycle pulling a harp. Looking at me with a nobody's home expression, starts playing a song on an accordion. Oh yeah, he's dressed like an angel with wings and a halo. Then she grabs a fishing pole and lowers a bucket to our table which we filled with money.

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