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Perfon of the Day

MARCH 1, 2007
Bibendum  AKA  "the Michelin Man"

While getting new tires on my old vehicle I ran into my old friend Bibendum.
He's about 109 years old and one of the coolest dude's on the planet.
André and Edouard Michelin
One day while looking at a stack of tires and probably after a few digestifs, André and Edouard Michelin came up with the idea of a man made out of tires.
Bravo gentleman!  In his early years he went to a lot of parties, and he is always smoking or drinking or both.
Never one to sit still Bibendum is always seen participating in activities and social events. He's climbed the Alps, led marching bands, helped children, you name it...
...yup, he's dressed like a woman and bottle fed a baby.
Ninth round.
Don't be fooled though... this guy is one Bad Ass!