David Goldin
Al, my asshole father, had a lot of great ideas, just like me...
Instead of magic beans, he comes home with a Gas powered pogo stick.
Yes, I being the only Goldin who could pogo stick...
was chosen to be the stunt pilot. I jumped and jumped
but I was not heavy enough to trigger the piston in the engine.
No problem, Al just pushes my shoulders down real hard like a football jock,
and.... POW! the gas powered motor is triggered. I went as high as the telephone pole.
Then POW! again, and again. It was a fucking nightmare. I was flying higher and higher. I didn't know how to get off the thing.
So I did a skydive bail where you just crash. I was amazed to be alive, and still wonder about the motorized pogo stick.
I found one on EBAY. I'm not making this up!!!
This was my childhood, back when you had to stay out of the house until dinner time.

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