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the GOD Project

JANUARY 13, 2007
Industrial rubber cover w/ Tim Carroll image partially revealed.
"As in dream, the images range from the sublime to the ridiculous.
The mind is not permitted to rest with it's normal evaluations,
but is continually insulted and shocked out of the assurance that now,
at last, it has understood..."
                                                    Joseph Campbell

We called this the God Project. Don Besom and I  sent out a dossier with specs asking well known illustrators to send us a god, deity, idol of worship, whatever they wanted... humorous, serious, it was all up to them. We received about 40 pieces of artwork.
After finding industrial rubber on Canal Street for the covers we began printing, collating and hand binding a limited edition of 60 copies.
Every contributor received a copy and Don and I each got a few extras. Then we picked a bar and called all local contributors to come pick up their God Project. There were so many great images and everyone went above and beyond for this one. We did three different projects; the Hook, the God Project, and Mask. Some fellow drawgers were among those that helped make these projects successful.

I forgot to mention, these happened years ago, before we both had kids.
David Miller
I still worship this one. Miller is fantastic.
Steven Dana
Another beauty. Makes me think of the Wonder bread Spirit.
David Goldin
The Yoo-Hoo God. I built this shrine, added real flowers and lit candles and took a photo.